Restore the software on your navigation TomTom Start 25 (20/60) / English

Restore the software on your navigation device using MyTomTom

Important: The following process will remove your personal information such as Favourites, recent destinations etc. from your navigation device. However, the alternative to this procedure is to return your unit to us for repair, in which case you will also lose this information.
Your navigation device shows a spinning cogwheel and then a device with a red cross on the screen when the TomTom software is not installed correctly.
First, reset your navigation device to see if that resolves the issue. [ show me how... ]
If your device still has a problem, do the following:
  1. Charge your device for at least 2 hours.
  2. Make sure that you have the MyTomTom support application installed on your computer. You can download the MyTomTom support application here: tomtom.com/getstarted.
  3. To start MyTomTom, click the MyTomTom icon in the Windows notification area or Apple menu bar and then click MyTomTom.
    Image  The TomTom logo is shown in grey with a blue arrow when updates are available.
    Image  The TomTom logo is shown in red when no updates are available.

    MyTomTom starts.
    Make sure you have the USB cable for your navigation device plugged into your computer. Important: Do not plug the USB cable into your navigation device yet.
    Tip: Use the USB port at the back of your computer, if available. Do not use a USB hub or a USB port on the keyboard.
  4. Without connecting the device to your computer, switch on your navigation device.
  5. Press and hold the On/Off button. Do not release the On/Off button when the device restarts with a drum sound. Instead, keep holding the On/Off button another 10 or more seconds until the device shows a black screen with white text. Only release the On/Off button when you see that screen.
    While the black screen with white text is displayed, press and fully release the On/Off button 3 times, quite quickly as in “1-2-3”. Getting this timing right is one of the critical steps of this process.
    The screen goes black, and then after a few seconds the device reboots into recovery mode. It shows a screen with a spinning cogwheel.
    If you do not see a spinning cogwheel, turn off your device and start again from step 4.
  6. Quickly connect your navigation device to the computer. You need to connect while the spinning cogwheel is shown.
  7. As soon as your device is connected to the computer MyTomTom starts restoring the TomTom software on your device.
    Do not  disconnect your device.
    You can check the progress in the MyTomTom support application.
    Critical: The recovery process can take between 5 and 30 minutes, depending on your internet connection. Do not disconnect your device from your computer during the recovery process or you might corrupt the device.
    Also when 100% of the download is done, leave your device connected. Wait for your navigation device to restart.
  8. Once your navigation device has restarted you can disconnect it from the computer.

If the software was restored successfully the device will start normally 
without displaying a red cross.

Important: After following the above recovery procedure your device could be missing its computer voices (text-to-speech) or speed cameras. If this is the case, send us an email stating that you have followed these steps. Ideally put ‘issue654’ in the subject line so that we can quickly identify it. Make sure to include the serial number of your device and the email address of the MyTomTom account that is tied to your device. Our support team will then make the missing content available for you to download through MyTomTom.

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